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NamePrimary ChargeArrest DateBooking AgencyDetails
ALLEN, CHARLES LEE (B /M/57)ROBBERY WITH A DANGEROUS WEAPON09/03/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
ALLEN, LEVON (B /M/62)FAIL TO APPEAR - MISD - 110/01/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
ALLEN, NICHOLAS OBRIAN (B /M/33)FAIL TO APPEAR - MISD - 109/18/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
ALLEN, QUANTARIUS DEVANTE (B /M/19)MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT09/04/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
ALLEN, REGINALD LEON (B /M/38)MURDER-FIRST DEG03/13/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
ALLEN, SAM LEE (B /M/50)ROBBERY WITH A DANGEROUS WEAPON09/03/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
ASELINE, DAVID BURTON (W /M/39)STATUTORY SEX OFFENSE - 1ST DEG05/16/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
BARBER, ROBERT LEWIS (B /M/35)PROBATION VIOLATION08/01/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
BARRINO, CLIFFORD LEE (B /M/45)PROBATION VIOLATION09/05/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
BARRINO, JAMES EARL (B /M/58)PROBATION VIOLATION08/10/2014Union County Sheriff`S Office
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