Union County Jail

3344 Presson Road
Monroe, NC 28112
704-283-3641 Fax 704-292-2773

Captain Jeff Outen, Jail Administrator

Lieutenant Macky Goodman, Assistant Jail Administrator

First Sergeant Nicole Samuels, Operations Supervisor

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The Union County Jail opened in April 1994, has a rated capacity is 264 with actual housing bed space at 240. The remaining 24 areas are designated as temporary holding cells. The jail is staffed by deputy sheriffs, detention officers and civilians, including administrative and support personnel.


Sergeant Samantha Hanner
Sergeant Brian Funderburke
Sergeant Brain Macarine
Sergeant Mark Medlin


Inmate Supervision consists of four squads working twelve-hour shifts collectively. Each squad has a corporal in charge of inmate operations with a sergeant that oversees the process. Their primary duties are to supervise officers providing inmate supervision and to handle any personnel and operational issues. Deputy sheriffs and detention officers are assigned to each of the squads and are tasked to provide inmate care and management as well as assist the medical department, managed by the Union County Health Department.


Sergeant Brain McCarver


Classifications and Pretrial Services function in order to properly classify inmates within 72 hours of incarceration. This ensures the safety and effective management of the inmate population and the overall security of the facility. For arrestees and inmates that qualify, some are able to be released from custody and closely monitored throughout the complete disposition of their criminal cases. This saves Union County taxpayer dollars on incarceration costs that typically range from $69-75 per day, per inmate.


Sergeant Angela Carver


Inmate Processing/Identification is headed by a sergeant and consists of deputy sheriffs and detention officers. These officers are responsible for receiving and documenting all arrestees into the facility, conducting medical and mental health screening questionnaires and properly identifying, when applicable, arrestees through fingerprint submissions and criminal background checks. They are also in charge of inmate property and must document and store it properly. They conduct daily video arraignment on the CCTV connection to courtrooms at the Judicial Center.