Crime Scene

The Crime Scene Investigations Unit is composed of two investigators who share a wealth of knowledge on investigations. Both investigators are certified through the International Association of Identification and have attended numerous classes related to future investigative tools. Training for the Crime Scene Investigators is extensive and continues throughout the tenure of employment.

Crime Scene Investigators are responsible for the documentation of all major crime scenes including: homicides, suspicious deaths, robberies, arsons and sexual assaults. They are also tasked with the training and development of forensic procedures for the Sheriff’s office. The unit has a basic forensic lab in which evidence can be processed. Union County utilizes the State Bureau of Investigation lab for advanced forensic procedures. Both investigators also work closely with the SBI regarding evidence submission.

Using state-of-the-art video and still photography equipment, investigators record details of a scene for future investigation, analysis and preparation for court review.

Available to respond 24/7, the investigators are issued crime scene vans which are fully equipped with the latest Nikon photography equipment, video camcorders, evidence detection/collection equipment, as well as, biohazard protection gear.